Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Woo, Woo

I've been persevering with the writing for a 'good' two years now. Every June I reminisce the celebration of graduation. Pimms and a Jazz band. Prawns by the Cornish sea. Two Junes have now passed. Now: I know that the route to a writing dream career isn't all lunches with tabs and Topshop/designer(?) explosions but I had hoped that I would be in a word related, full time job by my second June. I ask for a lot however, I'm not taking on an easy dream, I must remind myself of this. Or get other people to do it for me. The anguish! You understand. I've been sticking at my freelance reviews (I love this, I LOVE music, theatre yada yada), spent months at a local paper (buzzz), written for every publication in Bristol and completed half of my NCTJ exams ( and been to Sri Lanka and Morocco. BUT do you know what put a drop of egg yolk in the meringue? What happened to me? May, flippin Morocco BAM! Loads of ash in the sky, BAM! £500 of my cash I don't have. BAM! realisation that freelancing whilst working in a shop aint cutting it. I was skintos. So in response I upped the ante at the shop, whilst carrying on with reviews and such, working 15 days in a row... in the SHOP. Retail. CUE day 9 of month 4: Panic attack on a busy Saturday in the shop, the second of my life (first was getting on the plane after 14 months travelling at 19- NOT gap yah style I hasten to add). WHAT the hell is it with panic attacks?! Blimey, like a shock to the soul, I knew what I had to do.

A week later, my notice was received and the return/appetite/joy in life to self ensued. Ah. So now I am seriously scraping the pennies, but as they say, or what everyone says to me to make me feel creative, you have to do what you love. There was indeed a sense of universal joy and relief amongst the friends and family when I handed in that letter of goodbye. I am in pursuit of the writing full time now. With my near final payment I even purchased an IMac, which I am convinced will help me, after a horrific episode trying to film myself presenting with my iphone. I'm hoping it will all go mightily well and someone will see my blinding/blossoming talent and employ me to be one of their wordy brood. I'm considering a move to London (£££) to facilitate the dream, but I'll see how old Bristol treats me first. I have a few days left at the shop, which I am taking as new season clothing buying cash, as I'm not going allow myself to purchase anything until i've got that job. I think I may have to buy a pencil skirt and an outlandish necklace to cover all boundaries of potential interview wear. Thank goodness for Mad Men. Love.

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