Monday, 29 March 2010

Time for a new post - it's time for Communion

NEGLECT of the feathery brick, I admit - for an aspiring writer, catastrophe, non? Oui.

Was that just cheap to use French? - If you could hear my accent in my head - terrible. I am one of those wrong people who talk to French people, in a French accent - in English... No bueno? Si! Shame on my English ignorance. But to BE French; words/meanings sound better in the pout and raised eyebrow - DRAMA mainly - and LOVE. The whole flow of the skipping, beathless syllables makes for an improved posture, deep, DARK eyes and some form of smirk. Perhaps with a thin cigarette in ze mouth. Sick! Stop the accent! And the stream of consciousness! Regardless - I want to dedicate at least the next four blogs to French style.

However this little outpour is to be about Communion. Read on...

My friend dreads Sunday evenings. From the afternoon she has a feeling of gloom from the big M’s unavoidable occurrence. Less than 24 hours. It’s not that she hates her job, quite the contrary. Or like a werewolf on full moon, every Sunday something happens to her at sunset and she turns into a Sunday grumpy goblin – she’s the same, just a bit melancholy. I think it’s just by Sunday you’re/everyone’s just into the swing of having a nice time with no timetabled stops and go’s, and you’re being forced into “should probably go to bed early” thoughts. And then there’s just that stuff on TV rammed with nostalgia making you feel wistful or indeed, nothing on TV at all...perhaps you should knit? Peh! What can one do of a Sunday eve?

But HARK! Communion is here! Why, Miss, have some delicious folk music, a pint of cider and some thoughts of a far away land where Sunday’s are just for relaxing, contentment and endless summers.

Our saviour Communion was born in the summer of 2006 at the Notting Hill Arts Club in London. Organised by Mumford & Sons' keyboard player, Ben Lovett and Cherbourg bassist Kevin Jones, it’s a regular Sunday celebration of folk inspiration. It’s been setting up recently in Brighton, Leeds and Sydney and now Bristol. Mr Wolfs will be the host every second Sunday of the month.

Tonight’s launch saw performances from Nuala, Emily and The Woods, Stokes William, Adelaide’s Cape and Lulu and The Lampshades - a lovely line up with a local touch. Mr Wolfs was agreeably packed with noodle gobbled folkers, complete with straw hats, shirts and inner wholesome glow(!) It was nice and relaxed, with both the audience and performers enjoying their time together.

Nuala impressed with her belting voice. Like a mythical goddess, her mass of wavy hair combined with said voice commanded the ears of her flowered army. Whilst Emily and The Woods provided a sweet, gentle sound. The rest of the acts played to a full audience, but alas I wasn’t there to appreciate them.
I will be in two weeks though.

So listen, every second Sunday when you feel a bit misty eyed, in need of some light fulfillment, or just want a mini ho down, the Wolf will be howling, ready to boost you with a tambourine

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