Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Krafty Kuts Motion 6/02/2009

Phew, what a massive line up. This was a pretty grimy night, full of dark beats and squashed up excitement. Motion is quite the epic club. Skate park and warehouse world, spiralling into smaller rooms, and a ferociously cold decking area by the river. The atmosphere was very friendly and both Audio Bullys and Krafty Kuts performed some magic from their heights. There was a large smattering of glitter too for your pleasure, in the shape of ‘Bitch ‘n’ Stitch’, who’ll perform some colourful magic upon the face – brightening you up like Tinkerbell. Because of course, in a way, that’s what this was, Peter Pan, the lost boys, kids who don’t want to grow up, because the parties are so much fun. And mortgages are not. We are all kids dancing around and embracing these years before they trot away from us. This night was a beat lover’s heaven, a short and sparkly night if you wanted it to be, or a long endless one, if that’s your fancy, depending on whether the next day needs to contain anything. With such a good line up and venue though, perhaps everyone should embrace these multicoloured nights in some way at least once in a while.

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