Thursday, 19 March 2009

Emmy The Great 26/02/2009

The dark wooded pub was full of silent admirers as Emmy sweetly sung her sensitive and often comical lyrics. Her guitar gently lolled along beside her rhyming words, like her favourite toy bouncing beside her as she walks through her land. Her tone rising and falling with the lines, and a violin and second guitar joining in with the poetry created a delicate, but full and wholesome sound. Like a creamy dessert, with some big chunks of fruit. Light, fluffy and sweet, but with a real fruity bite, Emmy’s a girl that the boys like as their mate (adoringly, of course), but also a real girl, with the emotions and such.

During the gaps between songs, Emmy divulged little snippets about herself. ‘I wrote about this when I got my Mooncup’, for example. Liberating? By mentioning these little things that are so personal the audience gets a feel for the cheeky, naughty Emmy. Unafraid to let strangers know about her little details, she doesn’t shy away from the cold and basic reality. Getting the lyrics wrong she shouts, ‘Shit, wrong, wrong!’, she is on one hand a vulnerable femme, and on the other straight talking and very funny.

The realism of her stage persona is reflected in her lyrics. ‘We almost had a baby’ for example, starting with the line, ‘you didn’t stop when I told you to stop’. Title and first line indicating throes of passion and the fearful little consequences. Not exactly the super romantic stuff that flows from many a mouths. She articulates the situations so well. Spelling them out with no gloss, or spangle, she told you to stop! You almost had a baby! The title track of her first album, ‘First Love’ is full of the soaring highs and the imperfections of a first love. ‘I wish that I had never met you the night you said you said you had a room you have music to play’, BUT, ‘I would do it again, and I would forget like I would piss on a grave, I would piss on a grave’. Climaxing with ‘Hallelujah, hallelujah and the sky was so much bluer, and the world was so much newer’. Just because ‘hallelujah’ was in the tape deck, doesn’t mean it was a ‘hallelujah’ moment, but then the love felt right there and then... Ahh the excitement, the touch, the brewing life and brimming lustful heart, spilling over into love! Surely everyone knows how that feels? Her words and emotions are so believable and sung so sweetly, often with just herself and her guitar, it is as if it is you right there, sitting in your bedroom, and she is singing you her moments and stories. Taking you with her as she walks down the street with her favourite toy, and her open heart and thoughts.

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