Sunday, 12 December 2010

Spectrals lays his heart open. In the way that he doesn't at all. Thanks then. (See my review about his nice music with great pictures though)

Illustration my Matilde Sazio

Your music has a definite Californian glow to it. Where did you get your surfy sound inspiration from?
I realised that “surf” music was going to be really “cool”, so I made some songs with that kind of sound so I could be rich.

Yorkshire right now is covered in snow. Its rocky walls, white capped, its sheep bleeting in the wind. “Bahhh”. Very picturesque, perfect for the nostalgic Victorian Christmas we’ve never seen. Hark! What’s that I can hear? Californian sounding guitar strumming, muffled notes, twinkly idealism? It’s like suddenly I’m on a balmy beach in the 60s with my good friends, Bruce and Summer. Splendid…splendid indeed. Who is this?

It’s the Spectrals, a chap from Yorkshire called Louis Jones. Brought up on a collection of 60s and 70s soul, Motown and doo-wop, alongside elements of garage rock, he’s created an amalgamation of genres in his bedroom. Essentially I would say Jones’ music is dreamy and rock and roll. A perfect antidote to sitting on your squidgy sofa with your pastry pies and chocolate cocktails washed down with warm wine. His voice sounds faintly tinny, old school and a whole world away from seasonal affective disorder. Let’s just for a second, remember what summer is… And now, what it is/could be like to live by the sea… yep, invigorating thoughts.

I caught up with Louis Jones fresh from his tour with Best Coast and asked him a few questions about his music.

Full review and interview with the Spectrals for Amelia's Magazine Here

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