Thursday, 2 December 2010

Christmas Cards

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I am a sucker for cards. All types of cards; postcards will leave me stranded in shops, greetings cards will have me immersed in situational comedies and heroics for hours. Actually. Hours. I adore them. I like to choose cards that are personal and that people could put on their wall (i'd like to think) as a piece of artwork - as often that is what cards are; beautiful art. Hence, Christmas is good for me and bad for my pennies.

I normally end up spending a couple of pounds per card, minimum. I like it to be for charitable causes, and I like to hunt out the cards in lots of different shops. (I love by Christmas Steps). However the other day, whilst meandering about on the internet, weaving along the avenues of links and links of links, I came across Young Bristol's cards. Young Bristol work with young people across Bristol, running projects to help build confidence and increase their skills and feelings of self-worth, thus opening up a world of possibilities. The cards are called All I want for Christmas and they are gorgeous.

From a creative perspective, the designs are original, varied and make me once again realise what talented artists we hold in this city and nation. If you want to support the cause and impress the ol' friends and fam. the cards are litho printed on 100% recycled card, and include 20 envelopes and an A2 poster. Collection One is £10 and Collection Two is £15 not including p&p.

- Santa looks a bit fierce in this one...

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  1. Looking forward to receiving mine sis, although the top one reminds me of the Coca-Cola 'holidays are coming' advert slightly too much!