Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Amelia's Compendium of Fashion Illustration - featuring the very best in ethical fashion

As you are hopefully aware from my blog posts, I really do love to write for Amelia's Magazine. Consciousnesses are permitted to stream and imaginations allowed to run wild within the regularly updated digital publication. Each post is something special and they are created in such an individual and stylish manner, the awfully huge amount of effort from the writers and illustrators is obvious. Each one is quite the work of art. And on a personal level, I adore seeing the words I have written next to the varied and stunning unique illustrations. I have also met some marvelous people through the magazine, who are are always happy to offer support and a healthy reality check - and I hope I do the same for them (- all hail twitter! Ha!) Amelia herself, has been a great influence on my work and she works (very) hard to show us so much gorgeous talent, showcasing all the fabulous creativity from around the world. I am certain she has cemented the self belief of many an artist.

AND Amelia has created something beautiful for anyone who loves illustration and ethical fashion. That is definitely me, and I am sure it is you too. It comes in the form of this book; Amelia's Compendium of Fashion Illustration. This coffee table stunner comes with a pearlised cover designed by Arizona based artist Andrea Peterson and brings together the best illustration from Amelia's Magazine alongside the best new ethical designers. Featured designers include Ada Zanditon, Beautiful Soul, Christopher Raeburn, Dem Collective and Edun - among many others.

Here's a sneaky peek:


....and mmm.

I think you will agree, it looks very fantastic. At £18, it's a bargain. Hurry and get yours for you and your bessies today: HERE

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