Wednesday, 10 November 2010

There was a time when I was gallivanting about Oz, when I became a bit tiresome of the old white sandy beaches and craved a fireside. Shucks!

As soon as it turns REALLY COLD- like now, I think back to a November and indeed a whole 14 months where I was really, really WARM. I like to think about emigration at this time.

This was where I was exactly six years ago (I should probably just go away again...SIX years- uh). Just turned 20 on an onion field now working in the desert (pretty much)

Here a few pictures. You can see how awful it looks...

Western Australia, Broome, Cable Beach: 22km of beach.

And by the Lighthouse at the end of the 22km of beach. Atmospheric sunset, celebrated with fanta and pizza.

And finally - the little den we made ourselves with our tents/cars etc. in the abandoned campsite opposite Cable Beach. It was too hot for the seasonal people in their caravans, they had all gone back down south for the summer.  I can't explain how ridiculously humid it got during the 'build up' before the wet season fully took hold and everything became sodden. 

During this time (pre soak) I worked in a bar until three or four am and then tried to sleep on the mattress outside. We all slept on the exposed mattresses - although actual sleep was only possible between the fourth and sixth hours after midnight, as then it got all obscenely HOT again. Cockroaches, spiders and snakes meant nothing to me during these slumbering quests. (That's until upon leaving Broome, I fell asleep in my bikini, on a rock in a national park and woke to find a massive monitor staring nonchalantly at me. They move fast.) 

Everyone allowed themselves to be crazy during said BUILD UP. This was fueled by copious rum, short shorts and ute pick ups. In fact we started this section of our adventures in the Northern Territories, where there were no speed limits on the road at all. Zvrooosh! Which made for some tense moments in The Woman, our gold saloon car. 

Emotions and feist among the Aussies got seriously intense. I think now's the right time for me to just clarify how far away from nothing we were:

Unlike me in my extreme greenhouse bar, the boys worked at the 5* hotel across the road from our camp haven. Nicole Kidman/the Oz suuuperstars stayed and played at their hotel. Christian would charm the women guests as a route to bask in their air conditioned rooms. The boys actually worked pretty hard sometimes and often we would feast on the food left in the superstar fridges. 

One of my own food joys was my banana milk on Weetbix (no 'a') fresh from the (just about still open) reception. A low point was cold Magi noodles (no gas) with peanut butter and beans.

When it rained (eventually - December) the German boys we were traveling with whacked on some German techno/bass in their car and we danced with actual elational joy in the droplets.

Looks like paradise aiiit.

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