Thursday, 18 November 2010

MY WEEK- Oooh it's like reality tv innit?

Obviously the big news this week is the Royal marriage... but apart from this, in my life, I've been doing my two remainder exams this week. Terribly exciting, I know.

After massive harangues with the exam people over where I was doing them, generally allowing the flat to fall below my set standards (yeh- really high - course) and TRYING to revise to the absolute maximum and not despise the flippin things - they are finally over (no idea how I have done - self teaching doesn't allow for ticks, crosses and smiley faces). I am mightily happy about their exit/fianle from my life. Although very apprehensive as to the actual results.

Anyway, here is some documentation relating to my exam week in the way of photos.
Day One: Francois life jealousy. He does nothing all day and clearly feels no pressure to do anything either.

Day Two: London. Distracted in Liberty by lamps in the form of dogs. Fantasy home (if ever have a home - cue, woe is the 20 -something of today) would have this lamp.

And this chair.

Day Three: Cinematic Orchestra at Royal Albert Hall. All over distracting. Yet focusing. (See below for pictures and await my review...) Long trip journey home (clearly for shocked boy across there on tube too). 2am Monday morning get back Bristalll.

Day Four: Look to cat. Again. Is he actually very wise and is an old man trapped inside a ginger cat? Look to twitter. Twitter is definitely NOT wise. I like the effort that some people go to though (see longcat)

Day Five: EXAM (location = palaver = get there by train)

Bournemouth. Beaches and the biggest shop for walking aids I have ever seen. Look carefully for the Christmas Cracker. I am sure I would really like Bournemouth if I spent more than a minute there - and if my minute spent there wasn't taken up with internally screaming. I had a lovely taxi driver though, who zoomed me to my train and waited for me to get out of the exam for ten minutes. Parked on the curb, he told me I was 'lucky' he was still there. Definite highlight. Managed to get my pilates on time and munch (/save from boys clutches) on my (designated) half a cadburys bar that night - nom, nom, nom. Thanks Bournemouth Taxi man.

Day Six: Interview with Johnny Flynn on the blower. Skype didn't work. His US 'cell' didn't work. I am not looking at my BT bill. It will be sick and very wrong. Lovely chat though. I do find myself wanting to actually chat however, and have to remember that it is an interview. i.e. all about them darl. (it does get lonely being a 'freelancer' though - hence cat obsession). I did try forget that he is a very attractive man.  (Evidence follows)

Day Seven: EXAM. Location: the newspaper in Bristol. Well... we'll see.

I am now simultaneously cooking for our weekly dinner date with Will and Kate, cleaning the ramshackle house (must change bed, as put duvet in sideways last time) and packing to go away somewhere with the boy - who is taking me somewhere (because I have in my most exam harassed states, discussed romance a lot recently, indeed even mentioning Keats...?) he is really romantic... I have been told to "remember that we are skint." If I get cold, I will cry. Other than that, weeeeeeee!

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  1. what a week! exciting! and what luck to interview such an attractive gentleman ) looking forward to your articles online :)