Monday, 22 November 2010

Brownie Points

Admittedly, I have recently ranted on quite a lot about the joy of romance, as previously mentioned in the last post. I do love time with 'just us' to prance and festoon about, BUT blimey! Charlie really pulled out the stops this weekend. He visited Under The Thatch, a fantastic website that is perfecto for the all encompassing 'romantic mini-break' and came up with a corker of a thatched cottage in Cardigan Bay, Wales. 
Under The Thatch are a not for profit organisation, with all the ££ for the rental of the properties going towards preserving other old beauties. I quote: "We're here not only to sell you a holiday but also to ensure that traditional and derelict buildings find new uses, and that the local economy benefits from our trade." 
And trust me, as the boy is from Jersey he is massively NOT into the deserted holiday home (abandoned all winter, screaming all summer), these places are not devoid of people visiting. They are packed out all year round. 
The one he picked had all the attributes of a mini break dream: built in the 1750s; thatched roof; wood burning stove; bath with feet; shutter windows; massive doors leading to garden/the hills; Le Creuset pans and cabin bed. Rustic. Charm. 

I will whack in a couple of pictures, because I am aware that this is sick, and no one wants to read me harking on about my weekend away. So here it is:

It was a beauty. 
So this morning, I thought I should check out some 'gifts for him' on the internet before I patrol the streets and end up in his favourite beaten up bookstore. I went to Liberty's (the ultimate Christmas zone) and the first page of 'Gifts for Him' showed me THESE TWO: Contained and liquidated 'French Lover' and 100ml of 'Fantastic Man'. £125 of NO. Too far? OUI!... I wonder who will get one/both of these in their stocking?

French Lover, 100ml, Editions De Parfums, Frederic Malle

Price £125.00

Fantastic Man Eau de Cologne 100ml, Byredo Parfums

Price £125.00

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