Saturday, 9 October 2010

Wish List Concoctions

I'm sitting here with a blanket round my shoulders, trying to find the will to hunt out my sheepskin slippers and relinquish them from their summer hibernation. My birthday has just passed (26-eek!) which can only mean one thing: Autumn is definitely here.

Now I've been making some dodgy choices of late - cracking out the knitwear, capes and boots, and nearly collapsing in a state of overheated mania. Equally today I nearly froze walking around the city- getting lost didn't help my chilled bones. My over-exuberant sheep wearing is a symbol of my love of Autumnal clothing however, who doesn't enjoy flaunting the berry and brown tones, the long leather boots and the wool accessories? Luscious. And oh, how just a few years ago I SERIOUSLY craved winter essentials whilst stuck in the outback of Australia- working in a bar and only able to sleep at 5am for 2 solid hours before it got too hot to breathe again. Admittedly I could return to that heat again right now - for a boost- but hey HO!

I'm afraid to say that I am like many other girls and always find that Topshop have a delicious mix of clothes for the new season. Old Phillip Green always tempts me. I particularly like these pieces:

Oh I love this ALL.

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