Wednesday, 13 October 2010


Since I have left retail, and I am now pursuing the job hunt, I have noticed a few things.
1) My ginger cat, Francois, is lazier than I presumed and literally does not move for entire days at a time.
2) I have urges to exercise like never before. Then upon leaving the flat get consumed with the idea of super fitness, getting mesmerized by the man in army gear shouting at lots of students and women on the downs.
3) The boy gets up incredibly early. 6.30- this should be me too...
3) Pilates, is the right course of action. Search for pilates in Bristol.
4) I have a strong desire for hair like Holly Willoughby - NO! I haven't watched This Morning
5) Badgering people all day can be hard work
6) I want to sponsor ALL charities. Mainly WWF and Coppafeel = wish had money
7) Tea is my friend and enemy
8) Lunch options are consuming- until give up and go for Cinnamon Crunch, my new obsession.
9) Many of 20 something friends in same position of cross roads
10) Think a lot about whether have over-pestered Editors etc.
11) The joy of the iMac - always

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