Friday, 22 October 2010

daisy lane

Three things I have a fondness towards include: the great land mass that is Australia; the 60s and nature. Indeed I admit, these are enormous categories of fondage, and I don't love all aspects of these categories- in fact I dislike cockroaches, excessive plastic and certain parts where I have found myself terrified in Australia (I kid you not). 

However, right here I have found a combination of all of these wonderful things in Daisy Lane. An Australian collection by Allison Jones, inspired by the work of Sue Adams, who produced many greeting cards etc. in the 60s to 80s. I instantly recognized the work and have old 80s birthday cards with the large featured kids on the front of them - and Granny's kindly blurb of love and signature within. They remind me of innocence and light brown - this is how I see all my 80s memories, as we had a lot of brown tinted glass, very thick carpets and my Granny's house was extremely brown - dark brown. It's a nice shade. I also deeply wanted to BE one of the little girls. I definitely had the chubby cheeks and determined expression they beheld. 

The designs are back to rejoice in Sue Adams' card designs. With their comforting shades, they are gorgeous and singing - but be done with vintage nostalgia (esp. if you weren't even born) use it only as a background little ebb of joy, these are to be appreciated as new and great. Look at them and promise yourself to make sure your kids appreciate nature like these proud little characters. I love the pastel colours. 

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