Tuesday, 28 September 2010


My good friend Katie got married to another good friend, Will, this weekend. They are the first of my friends to get hitched, and I felt highly emotional and proud of these two. They are a couple that I have every faith are entirely 'meant to be' and I could never imagine them not as 'Will and Kate'.

I was honored to be asked to do a reading during their marital Church service. Kate asked me whilst we were at a festival, with glitter plastered on our faces, feathers in our hair and dreamy/chaotic lights flashing in our eyes. I was dancing ferociously happily and she started her request by telling me that when she first met me, she thought my dancing was bordering on bizarre, but she soon discovered its intricate greatness (ha!). Confused at her masked insult/compliment, I nodded and said I had always thought that she loved my individual moves and did she care for some form of dance off at some point? Then she said "you know, me and Will would love it if you did a reading for us at the Wedding." Ah, well I had performed many of the duties of B.Maid, but was not expecting such a privileged role. We flappy, girly hugged, then pursued a dance off till we could take no more.

I thought she'd probably forget this act of friendship love, then she asked me again during a tea session in my garden. Of course I said that I would love to. It was to be: 'The Owl and the Pussycat' - a corker.

Before the Wed. the boy and I travelled up to the Lakes and had some family quality time with Will's family, who are truly the most kind and relaxed family I have ever had the pleasure to spend time with. We stole their lovely dog Fred, and went up a couple of mountains before the BIG DAY.

Kate had the Amelie soundtrack played on piano as she walked up the aisle. I wasn't sure I would like this when it was first suggested months ago. I thought she had decided in was not the music for her too. But when it was played, and she walked up the aisle, it was fabulous. Cue: Emotion central.

Unfortunately when I got up to do the reading. Calamity Hels struck and the Owl and the P.Cat was not on the pulpit. I could not find it anywhere. Hmmm. Quick thinking, the boy whipped out my iphone from my golden pouch bag. I was forced to use my 3G to find the poem. I had turned the blighter off however, and had to chat whilst it warmed up. Horror! It was actually fine, as the atmosphere was so full of joy, and the drama lightened the whole seriousness of the affair a tad. And these two are full of cheeky mishaps too...(mainly involving time and maps). I read the poem with as much emotion as I was feeling and all of the actress locked inside of me. I was told it was "beautifully read" by Kate's mum and Kate said she would have had it no other way "It was dramatic in all the right ways". I hope I did them justice and they were genuinely happy with the reading.

Pre reception we ran about Ambleside stocking up on Champagne. We got 'gawped at' (as my mother would say) by the North Face brigade, with me in my 50s outfit and the boy looking like some form of tycoon. Ooo the DRAMA.


The speeches were hilarious and the veggie food - glorious. If: hardcore, like a veggie bullet.

The end of the weekend spelt the point of it all out: true love and marriage, pure and beautiful. Cue: me thinking about my own love, life and developing world...

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